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      當前位置 : 首頁 > 案例 > 昆山市政務服務中心


      現代簡約 10.2萬平方米m2


      Kunshan Government Affairs Service Centre consists of four towers and a podium, with a total area of 102,000 sqm. It accommodates over 20 municipal offices, and provides a whole range of one-stop services including livelihood, social insurance, taxation, public security, border entry, public resource exchange, investment and development, market entry, general administration, and etc.

      ▼建筑外觀,Appearance of the Building


      Since the project’s inception in 2009 and the interior design’s involvement in 2011 at the end of the architectural schematic design, years have passed and the project has experienced a number of changes including state policy, re-positioning of city’s general administration, functional adjustment, and implementation of new building code.

      ▼內庭院地下采光景觀樓梯間出口,Natural Light Stair Entrance In the Courtyard


      The designer’s retrospect has since departed from the initial main body of design, and shifted to the decision-making, motivation, guiding, and integration between the city administrators of the public functions, the civic spaces, and the people who are served, under the backdrop of this changing era. Attention will also be given to the sense of pleasure and respect the users receive, and the city life which is enlivened by civic activities.

      ▼社保辦理A門廳,Social Insurance Hall-A

      ▼社保辦理B門廳,Social Insurance Hall-B

      ▼一站式政務服務窗口,One-stop Shop for Affairs Business


      原點 | Origin


      No design is separable from its time, and all sorts of uncertainties reflect the changes in time. For instance, the style of life and work has been reshaped by changes in internet and social media as well as the reform in government offices, and as a result, the classification, quantity, and procedure of the early planning were all subject to adjustment. In particular, the updating of fire code and smoke exhaust regulation caused a chain reaction which could by no means have been predicted in the beginning of design.

      ▼服務區立面局部,Service Area Exterior Partial View

      ▼立面細部,facade detailed view


      光線 | Light

      光線經常被人片面理解為光影和明暗,其實光定義的是形狀、顏色、距離、大小等信息,光線體現秩序,光線帶來的情緒和身體感知,否則John.Lobell那本著名的《Between Silence and Light》,就變成了“Shade and Light”。光線本身并沒有太抽象的意義,需要通過介質疏理、約束,讓其成為空間必要的非物質性元素進入。

      ▼報告廳外側走廊,Corridor outside the Lecture Hall

      ▼報告廳,Lecture Hall

      Light is usually connected with only shadow and shade, while it actually defines shape, color, distance, and size. Light shows order and brings about mood and sense, otherwise, John Lobell’s famous Between Silence and Light would have become merely Shade and Light. Light itself doesn’t possess spiritual meaning and it needs a medium for streamlining and demarcation before it can become an integral yet nonmaterial part of a space.

      ▼資源交易大廳等候區,Waiting Area of Public Resources Trading Center Hall

      ▼市民文化展廊,Civic Culture Exhibitions Corridor

      ▼室外直達樓梯,Outdoor Staircase


      The project consists of many public service spaces so inevitably ‘sunlight’ and ‘openness’ were to become its spirit and symbol. Gratings were added to the perimeter of the atrium spanning B2 level to second floor, shading sun and alleviating the pressing neighboring building to the west, and guiding sight lines into the water court with bamboo and lotus to the east. This courtyard was meant to recapture in a set frame the scene as described in Yushan Yaji, an ancient book in Kunshan: ‘There are bamboo trees in front of the house, and lotus in the rear. Picking lotus seeds in the breeze by the seat. Closing sash upon weariness, walking out onto stone steps.’

      ▼公共資源交易中心大廳,Public Resources Trading Center Hall


      Meanwhile, the gratings alleviated the dark adaptation due to lighting contrast when one travels from basement to exterior. The form of gratings represents the oriental serenity and orderliness in the local way. Green maples which suit the aesthetics of oriental courtyard were planted in the waiting area, blurring the difference between interior and exterior through incorporation of sunlight and greenery.

      ▼政務辦理等候區,Affairs Waiting Area

      ▼營造空間中人與自然的親密和諧氛圍,blurring the difference between interior and exterior through incorporation of sunlight and greenery


      材料 | Meterial


      When construction began we had a site visit, we found that because this project was required to be qualified for the ‘Luban Award’, the quality of formwork and concrete pouring was good, specially at the podium when the new formwork began to be used, therefore a little bit of curing would be all we needed to expose the concrete when formwork was taken away. So we modified the original design and asked the contractor to apply protections to the concrete.

      ▼資源交易大廳外側,Public Resources Trading Center Hall Outside

      ▼資源交易大廳外側,Public Resources Trading Center Hall Outside


      Another reason was that the project was slated to obtain the golden certification of LEED-NC, so it had rigorous criteria for material reuse and energy saving. Also, in light of overall aesthetic control of local culture integration, the pale gray of concrete blends in well with the monochromatic palette of the traditional southern towns. The polished concrete paving used cement instead of epoxy. Lastly there was off course cost control requirement from the client.

      ▼電梯廳局部,The Part of Lift Lobby

      ▼水泥基磨石地坪局部,The part of Terrazzo Floor


      形式 | Form


      This is a new rendition of an old ‘script’ dating several years back, and our concept was based on the local stone of Kunshan as well as the imaginative connection between its porous nature and the functional character of the ‘windows’.

      ▼休息討論區,Rest and Discussion Area

      ▼電梯廳休息洽談區,Rest and Discussion Area of Elevator Lobby

      ▼招標區域, Public Bidding Area


      The illuminated ‘jade mountain’ at B2 level was incorporated to suggest the project’s location, Yushan. The partial enclosure in restaurant on ground floor was an improvised solution to the change in smoke exhaust that led to the addition of a ventilation fan and lowered the ceiling by 1.2 meter. The geometric forms represented the local lake stones.

      ▼餐廳,dining hall

      ▼“玉山”局部,The part of Jade Hill


      The ‘cheese wall’ in the inquiry zone was meant to minimize the structure as much as possible. The client requested that the N-shape steel structure be enclosed by partitions and the designer resorted to the effect of perforating measures to achieve the least sense of enclosure. Each consideration can trace back to a response at a specific time, and there would be different starting points in composing the forms, should the ‘script’ be written today.

      ▼構件消隱,Building Structure Hide


      愿景 | Vision


      How to promote a good interaction between urban space, society, and nature, improve interpersonal relationships, and allow more people to feel respect and dignity in a built environment? Even if the design can make a small change, it will be valuable and ‘rewarding’.

      ▼活動中心前廳,Foyer of Active Center

      ▼地下采光樓梯間,Natural Light Stair Underground

      ▼市民聽證會議廳局部,Public Hearing Interior View

      ▼場地平面圖,Site Plan

      ▼鳥瞰,Aerial View

      ▼建筑形態,Building Forms

      ▼B2層A-D棟平面圖,Layout B2F-A-D tower

      ▼一層A-D棟平面圖,Layout 1F-A-D tower

      ▼四層A-D棟平面圖,Layout 4F-A-D tower

      上一個案例 : Nexcenter Lab實驗室

      下一個案例 : 廣州江南西酒店



      目前已有 61 人獲取裝修報價


      • 454657

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